Ga. Sec. of State: “My family voted for Trump and he threw us under the bus anyway”

Georgia News

ATLANTA (WJBF) – In a scathing op-ed, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger lashed out at President Donald Trump and defended the presidential elections in Georgia.

It comes after President Trump tweeted out claims Tuesday night about why Georgia Republicans are not looking at signatures on envelopes for verification. President Trump also tweeted claims that they will discover tens of thousands of fraudulent and illegal votes.

But Raffensperger responded in a USA Today article saying “My family voted for Trump and he threw us under the bus anyway.” Raffensperger says he fought to uphold the integrity of the elections and “uphold the people’s faith.”

Raffenspeger says he’ll work with state legislators to allow a photo ID requirement for absentee ballots just like in-person voting and stop the controversial signature system used now.

He assures Georgians there were no irregularities or examples of voter fraud and explains the missing memory cards and ballot box in just 4 counties were simply human error.

“Close elections sow distrust,” says Raffensperger. “People feel their side was cheated. We saw this from the Democrats in 2018 and we see this from the Republicans today.”

President Trump requested a recount in Georgia this week, within the 48 hour window after certification.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp says he stands with President Trump and supports his decision to ensure every legal vote is counted and wants a sample audit of signatures from absentee voting.


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