GA Governor Candidate Stacey Abrams casts ballot early

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One candidate governor voted early Monday. Stacey Abrams headed to the polls to cast her ballot. 

Abrams breaking a family tradition–with family alongside.

“I usually vote on election day, that’s the way I grew up. That’s the way my parents raised us. But I know in a time when people are concerned about if people are counted, if we vote early, we can deal with any mistakes and concerns,” says Abrams.

The candidate voting early, no need to ask who she’s voting for.  Reporters instead asked about those bigger picture early voting issues.

“There are challenges with lines, absentee ballots being rejected, there are going to be issues. We want to make sure all systems are working and are encouraging people to vote early.”

Abrams saying problems are normal with the polls, but pointedly shaming her opponent as well.

“The problem is we are not getting straight answers from the person responsible for guarding the public trust. He blames everyone but himself for the problems that happen.”

Saying part of the problem is that Kemp has not stepped down from his state position, like Abrams did from her own, while running for Governor.

“You cannot do two jobs at once.  You cannot run for governor and have the taxpayers finance your day job.”

Abrams saying her job: to campaign for all of Georgia.

“I don’t run comms talking about isolating people, I never voted to eliminate preexisting condition coverage.”

Encouraging them to vote early, like she did hand in hand with this little man.

“We voted early and now we’re going to go get a snack. Let’s go.”

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