Fun on a budget this Memorial Day

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Memorial Day travel is expected to break records this weekend with the majority of people driving to their destinations. 

Many people travel far and wide from the CSRA for getaways but you don’t have to go far. You can go Six Flags Over Georgia without breaking the bank. 

Memorial Day feels like the unofficial start of summer.

“This is an amazing time. It’s amazing that summer is here. School is out in Atlanta, so we are ready to be open every day through the second Sunday of August,” said Six Flags Over Georgia Director of Marketing Gene Petriello.

Experts say on average families of four spend more than $4,500 for a vacation. Although, your back pocket or purse doesn’t have to hurt.

Petriello explained, ”From Augusta, it’s a one tank trip. It’s two hours back and forth on I-20 out of Augusta. Straight down to Atlanta, just past the perimeter here. We’re sitting right off I-20. One tank of gas”

Petriello has fond memories of Six Flags.

He said, “Every time when I was in high school when my friends would say, ‘hey let’s go down to Six Flags.’ I would be like ‘let’s go!’ And we would hop in the car. There wouldn’t even be a question and you brought it up earlier, Six Flags is an affordable way to go have some fun whether you’re a teenager, a young adult like us or grandparent and you want to be here with your family and friends and see your grandkids so that’s what amazing about Six Flags. That’s what I actually loved when I was growing up. It was one of my favorite things to do.”

You can actually get a membership to Six Flags for as little as $6 a month. The Over Georgia park recently opened their fastest ride, ‘Pandemonium.’

“It’s going 15 stories, 147 feet in the air. You’re spinning around as you go on this ride, this thrill ride, which is absolutely amazing. Being able to get a 360 view of Six Flags Over Georgia, the Atlanta skyline, it’s an amazing thrill,” said Petriello.

Georgia’s tourism brings in more than $60 billion a year to the state with Atlanta being the front runner.  

“The population is growing in Atlanta. There’s a lot of tourism here you have Six Flags Over Georgia, Whitewater, Hurricane Harbor. Again, you can go to a Braves game. You can go to another attraction here in Atlanta so there’s an easy way to make a really awesome family vacation coming to Atlanta. Come for your thrill rides. Come for your water rides and then hit up one of the other attractions in the area.”

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