Flu activity spikes in Georgia

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It’s a virus that can be deadly and now the flu is on a tear across the peach state.

Georgia’s flu rate is one of the highest in the country this month and physicians in the River Region want to make sure you stay healthy.

“Absolutely not and I don’t want one,” referred Valencia Swain to the flu shot.

Swain did get one last year. She said, “It didn’t work and I was like nope. I’m just going to stray away from that.”

“The problem with not getting it is you don’t realize the value of it once you’ve had the flu or until you’ve had the flu,” said Emergency Room Medical Director at Doctor’s Hosptial Dr. Thomas Zickgraf.

Terri Trowell, who lives in Augusta, got her flu shot.

“Yes, I have. I had it in October.” 

Flu season is ramping up in Georgia.

“We’re seeing kind of a little bit of a spike compared to a month ago the numbers are up,” said Dr. Zickgraf.

The Centers for Disease Control says Georgia has the highest flu-like cases in the country along with California. South Carolina ranks in the regional outbreak category. Georgia is considered “widespread.”

Dr. Zickgraf explained, “When we look at historic data from last year it looks like we peaked right around January, end of December beginning of January.”

The flu is very contagious. It might not be bad for you but for someone you’re close to, like a grandparent or an infant cousin, the flu could be deadly.  

“It’s kind of a logarithmic curve as time goes on. The more people that get exposed to it and are infected it amplifies the number of people who can then be exposed and infected,” said Dr. Zickgraf.

That’s why Dr. Zickgraf says you should get a flu shot to take care of yourself and each other.

He added, ” If you are diagnosed with the flu stay home. Don’t spread it to your coworkers or your colleagues.”

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