LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – One LaGrange man is honoring his late wife’s memory by giving back to the community and threading them all together. 

Jerry Rigby has been a LaGrange resident for 45 years, he lives on The Thread and gives out free water to everyone who is exercising past his house on the weekends. He started giving back nearly three years ago when his wife, Libby, died suddenly on Oct. 19, 2019. 

“Libby was a very giving, caring person, very quiet and very unassuming. She was one of those behind-the-scenes people and she really loved to help people, that was her mission in life,” said Rigby. 

Rigby said he began giving out water because he also received a message from God telling him to give back. 

“When God speaks and tells you to do something, do it,” said Rigby. 

He has become recognized throughout the community for his generosity. He said his participation in the West Georgia Auburn Club made the water giveaway possible. He receives his water shipment from Parmer Water Company, the owner is a member at the club as well. That same board member also donated a cooler to Rigby to store the cold water in.

With the help of the West Georgia Auburn Club, the Callaway Foundation and several private donors, Rigby also created scholarships available to pharmacy and nursing students at Auburn University in honor of his wife

In nearly three years, Rigby has given away almost 3,000 bottles of water and has spent a few thousand dollars keeping the community hydrated. He said he purchases 10 cases of water every week from Parmer Water Company.