Federal Judge demands Sec. of State Kemp explain why Ga. can’t switch to paper ballots

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A federal judge demanded earlier this week that Secretary of State Brian Kemp explain why Georgia could not switch to paper ballots before the November election. 

Georgia’s election security is commanding major air time on national and international news.

Kemp staying consistent when asked about that issue.

“We have a secure system.”

“We’ll have a secure election just like we’ve had.”

“We are definitely secure in Georgia.”

But Marilyn Marks, one plaintiff of this federal lawsuit begging to differ.

“There is not one voting system computer scientist, nor one federal agency that believes the systems are secure. For him to to say it’s secure is completely bogus, he knows better, it’s dishonest, he’s trying to mislead the public,” says Marks. 

Kemp on the other hand, saying the entire suit is a red herring.

“This is the liberal democrats trying to distract from Stacey Abrams’ record,” says Kemp.

Marks laughing that she is actually a registered republican and saying the timeline doesn’t hold.

“This lawsuit has been pending for over a year long before anyone had even announced for governor,” says Marks.

The suit was filed in July 2017.  

Believe it or not Kemp and Marks agree on something:  that the long run solution is a new voting system with a verifiable paper trial. 

But for now the issues at the heart of this case: does Georgia need to switch to paper ballots now before the 2018 election — which includes that race for governor.  

“It’s the old family station wagon sitting in the garage, it’s not pretty but it will get the kids to school,” says Marks.

“Paper ballots are not more secure,” says Kemp.
Kemp’s attorneys claiming “there is no paper ballot fairy” and saying it would be too expensive and —
“That’s just logistically impossible right now,” says Kemp.

Kemp’s pleading backing that up with affidavits from election officials in counties like Richmond, Gwinnett, and Fulton.  

But Marks saying they’re under Kemp’s influence, and claiming that paper ballots are affordable at .35 cents each — adding up to 2 million dollars in ballots. She says Georgia recently got 10 million dollar federal grant for election security, which could pay for things like scanners.  

“They should consider the warning signs that they have had from Washington and from all the scientists. That’s there hurricane warning. There is plenty of time to implement, just seems to be the lack of will to implement a secure system,” says Marks.

A will prevailing or bending to the judgment of a federal judge later this month.

The plaintiff’s responses to those pleadings are due to the judge on Monday.

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