ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A new study shows that as the coronavirus spreads, so does racism against Asian Americans.

People have boycotted Chinese restaurants and blamed them for the pandemic.

“You are why we are wearing this mask F– your people,” said Lisa Liang.

For some Asian Americans — like Lisa Liang — even a trip to the store brings fear.

“That’s why you are out here spreading this virus – you are f—-ing conspiracy Chinese.

Lisa Liang

“People are shouted at grocery stores — I personally know there is a chill or fear going into public places.”

Bonnie Youn

The pandemic — which started in Wuhan, China, has received labels like “Kung flu” and “The Chinese virus”

“I think the widely posted was one in Atlanta — where this plaque going on showing Winnie The Pooh eating a bat calling it the Wuhan Virus or Wuhan Plague.”

Bonnie Youn
Community Activist, Asian Americans Advancing Justice

The Center for Public Integrity says 3 out of 10 of Asian Americans have faced or seen personal attacks. “Stop AAPI hate” — received more than 1700 harassment reports just last month.

“The Chinese invented the virus so they can send us more face masks.”

“It really hurts the Asian American community. Others who say this is a Chinese virus – this in fact does not discriminate anybody.”

Bonnie Youn

Activists say Asian Americans have been spit on, yelled at and told to go back to China — comparing the xenophobia to the September 11th attacks.

“It reminds me of post 9/11 – a lot of Sikhs were attacked because of turbans and don’t come from Middle East who are perceived that way.”

Bonnie Youn

“He said F your people. I’ve never experienced or heard language like that.”

Lisa Liang

A new AAPI report shows Asian women were twice as likely to be attacked as men — and nearly half the incidents took place in private businesses. Stop AAPI hate says more than half of the attacks against Asian Americans were in New York and California.

Here in Georgia, the Asian Americans advancing justice launched a platform to report hate crimes — if you have a story to share, you can document it HERE.

For more information, click this link.


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