Controversy continues over ‘pending’ voter list in GA; Kemp says no one will be denied vote

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As early voting began Monday in Georgia, the jabs between the gubernatorial candidates continued over what is now known as the “pending” voters list.

The campaign of Democrat Stacey Abrams says that Secretary of State Brian Kemp – who is also running for governor as the Republican candidate – is trying to suppress the vote.

Her campaign is reacting to an investigation from The Associated Press which found that the voter registrations of 53,000 Georgians have now been put into the “pending” category and that 70 percent of those are people of color.

Abrams’ campaign has called on Kemp to resign his post as the head of state elections citing a conflict of interest in the close gubernatorial race.

On Sunday, Abrams told Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press that she “was part of a coalition that sued Kemp in 2016 to force him to stop using the process called Exact Match.”

Exact Match provides that information about a voter must match perfectly on both voter registration and driver’s license. Critics have argued that minority voters may have names considered more unusual than the names that many Caucasians have.  As a result, they argue that mistakes on forms may occur more often.

“We know this is a flawed system that has a disproportionate effect on people of color,” Abrams said Sunday on NBC.

On Monday, Brian Kemp called the argument from the Abrams campaign regarding knocking voters out of the system unfairly “a smokescreen” and said Abrams was just “trying to hide her radical views.”

Kemp appeared on the morning program “Fox and Friends.” 

“These folks that are on the pending list – all they have to is go to the polls, show their photo ID and they can vote. Again, this is just a distraction,” said Kemp.

Critics of Exact Match – which became law in Georgia last year – says it’s an unfair system.

The ACLU of Georgia urges voters to check their registration status and to make sure they have the proper photo ID with them to vote. 

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