GEORGIA (WJBF) – You may see more officers on the road as you drive over the next few weeks.

In Georgia, the “Click It or Ticket” campaign is now underway.

Officers will be checking even closer to make sure that you’re wearing your seat belt.

Georgia law requires all front seat passengers in all vehicles to wear a seat belt, all children between 8 and 15 to wear a seat belt when riding in the front and back seat, and for children ages seven and under to ride in child safety seat that is recommended by the manufacturer based on height and weight of the child

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 1,786 people died in traffic crashes in Georgia last year, which is an approximately 20 percent increase over a five-year period when 1,505 people were killed in traffic crashes in the state in 2018.

According to NHTSA, wearing a seat belt in the front seat of a passenger car can reduce the risk of fatal injury by 45 percent and it reduces the risk of fatal injury by 60 percent for those wearing a seat belt in the light truck.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety offer these safe driving tips:

1. Drive at safe and reasonable speeds and never try to speed to make up time.

2. Buckle up before starting your vehicle

3. Avoid distractions such as phones, conversations, reaching for items in your vehicle

4. Program navigation devices before getting on the road

5. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

May 15th is also the beginning of the “100 Days of Summer HEAT” mobilization that will run through Labor Day Weekend. Burke County Sheriff’s Office and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety remind everyone to make the summer travel period safer by driving safe speeds, avoiding distractions, especially phones, never driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and always wearing a seat belt.

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