SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — The Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) held a press conference on Tuesday updating the public on the search for the body of missing Quinton Simon.

On October 18, Chief Jeff Hadley of the Chatham County Police Department said that they will be conducting an extensive search of the Waste Management landfill located in Chatham County after gathering key evidence that led law enforcement to the area.

Chief Hadley stated that it is believed that Quinton’s body was thrown in a dumpster and later transported to the landfill off Little Neck Road near L. Scott Stell Park.

Police would not tell WSAV News 3 where that dumpster came from and they mentioned that they were able to target the section of this dump where that trash was delivered.

“We want justice for Quinton just like everybody else. And we want to find his remains so we can give him a proper resting place,” said Chief Hadley.

Daily searchers from the Chatham County Police Department and FBI along with dozens of support personnel will complete the operation. According to police, The FBI’s Evidence Response team is heading the landfill search and will be as precise and extensive as possible to find Quinton’s remains and other potential evidence.

It will be what those specially trained agents, from across the country, find here, that police will use as key evidence in their case. Today, Leilani Simon has not been arrested. Police say they aren’t willing to risk premature charges. 

Charges in a case that has been downright emotionally draining, for the dozen of investigators looking for Quinton. 

Quinton Simon has not been seen since the day of his disappearance on October 5, when he was reported missing from his home on Buckhalter Road.