Cagle’s campaign reacts to leaked private conversation with former rival

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Casey Cagle’s campaign has responded to what was supposed to an “off the record” conversation. 

Republican Clay Tippins told NewsChannel 6’s Samantha Williams that Casey Cagle reached out to him after the primaries back in May for an endorsement. That’s when Tippins went to his campaign office, his phone in pocket, and secretly recorded the conversation.

What Tippins said it all boils down to: money.  

“This is not about Casey Cagle. This is about the type of government Casey Cagle represents,” Tippins expressed. 

Clay Tippins, who came in fourth place in the Republican primary for governor, wanted answers from Casey Cagle before endorsing his campaign. 

You can hear in the recording– Cagle admitting to back what he said is a bad education policy… to keep a rival from getting campaign money. 

“I said, ‘Lindsey you have got to understand this bill is going to happen. It’s going to happen,'” Cagle said.

“To keep the money away from Hunter?” Tippins asked.

“Yeah,” Cagle responded.  

It’s a bill Tippins said Cagle has shut down in previous years: A policy to raise the cap on tax credits for private school scholarships to $100 million.

“Is it bad public policy? Between you and me, it is,” Cagle said to Tippins in the recording. “And I can tell you how it is in a thousand different ways.”

Tippins said he has not endorsed Brian Kemp, Cagle’s republican opponent.

We reached out to Cagle’s campaign, but they refused to talk. They did send us a statement, though, alleging Kemp’s involvement in that leaked conversation. Here’s a part:

“It is clear now that he colluded with a losing candidate to unethically record a private conversation. That’s one thing Brian Kemp is consistent about: He’s constantly releasing public information.” 

“Feel free to secretly record me saying this: Brian Kemp is incompetent and untrustworthy, and now we know he is corrupt, too.”

“I was aware that what I did was going to be hard and come with criticism, but I can look at my family, myself and God and I did what I think was the right thing to do,” Tippins concluded. 

Also in the statement issued by Cagle’s campaign: “I guess you will do anything when you want to take the attention from the fact that Lt. Col. Ollie North is coming to Georgia to campaign for Casey and highlight that the NRA has endorsed Casey.” Governor Nathan Deal announced his support for the Lt. Governor Monday as well. 

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