WARRENTON, Ga. (WJBF)– The man shot at Old Warrenton Studios Friday has been released from the hospital.

Old Warrenton Studios is a new film set for western movies. No live ammunition is allowed on set. Friday it became a crime scene when a man was shot with a real bullet.

Brad Owens owns Old Warrenton Studios and leased his set to Chernobyl MilSim for the weekend.

Chernobyl MilSim is a live action role play group that reenacts popular video games for social media. They allow real fire arms on set, but never real ammo.

“Every single weapon is closely inspected. Now when I say weapon, I mean blank fire weapon. Everything is closely inspected,” Dako Morfey director of Chernobyl MilSim said.

But this incident happened during set up—hours before weapons inspections were to take place.

“It would seem that this was an egregious violation of all of our safety protocols,” Morfey said. “An individual that was very familiar with our safety protocols brought his personal weapon on set. I believe it was his concealed carry weapon and he failed to unload it properly. Apparently he was horsing around with it and had a negligent discharge which resulted in the injury.”

Jason Owen of Akron, Ohio was arrested by the GBI and Warren County Sheriff’s Office. He is charged with reckless conduct.

According to Morfey, Jason Owen had participated in Chernobyl MilSim’s productions in the past.

Eckert, who sustained a gunshot wound to the leg, shared a statement with Chernobyl MilSim and NewsChannel 6. It reads in part:

“It was a genuine accident what happened. There was no intent or premeditated intent to hurt me or anyone else at the event. Jason Owen quite simply was severely negligent with firearm safety.”

According to Brad Owens, a war veteran on set helped save Eckert’s life.

“There was a set decorator here who was a combat veteran from Afganistan who knew what to do and went into immediate action, stopped the bleeding, put a tourniquet on it,” Brad Owens said. “It was that quick action and the safety protocols of the production company that saved that guy’s life.”

Jason Owen is being held at the McDuffie County Jail. Neither Chernobyl MilSim or Old Warrenton Studios are facing any charges.

Owen received a lifetime ban from participating in any future productions with either groups.