Abrams heads to the polls early

Georgia News

Democratic candidate for governor Stacey Abrams broke a family tradition Monday and cast her vote early. She says this election is too important to wait.

“I usually vote on Election Day, that’s the way I grew up that’s the way my parents raised us,” she said, adding, “If we vote early, we can deal with any mistakes and concerns.”

Abrams said issues with lines and absentee ballots being rejected are normal at the polls, but pointed some of the blame at her opponent for other problems.

She argues one issue is Brian Kemp is doing two jobs at once — running for governor and serving as Secretary of State.

“My concern is that he does not have the same respect for the voters that I have,” she explained, citing her own decision to step down from her day job to campaign for Georgia.

Abrams also called back to Kemp and allegations of voter suppression.

“I think the problem is that we are not getting straight answers from the person responsible for guarding the public trust,” she said, adding, “The fact that he blames everyone but himself for the problems that happen shows a lack of leadership, a lack of judgment and a lack of confidence.”

Federal lawsuits on the alleged voter issues are being heard this week.

Meanwhile, voters are encouraged to check their polling place before heading to the polls early as it may be different from their usual Election Day site.

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