Abrams announces she is NOT running for U.S. Senate

Georgia News

The former Democratic candidate for Georgia Governor, Stacey Abrams issued a self-imposed deadline of this month to declare if she would run for senate.

A question hotly debated by political pundits for months, settled with a few simple words:

“I will not be a candidate for U.S. Senate.”

She will not be the one challenging incumbent Republican Senator David Purdue.  Republicans immediately sent out a release claiming Abrams “feared” facing a “formidable” opponent.  

Abrams maintained her focus on voter issues, aying her focus is on Georgia, but not explicitly ruling out anything tied to the White House, like a VP run or future cabinet seat.

Fiery Democratic State Senator Jen Jordan has ruled herself out for the senate. 

And now, former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson who was waiting for Abrams…

“When she makes her final decision, if her decision is not to run, of course, we’ll be filing the full-fledged committee and be off and running.”

…sprinting to fill campaign coffers against Senator Perdue’s deep pockets.

That race for senate will be in November 2020.

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