A Georgia woman and her child attacked inside of Walmart

Georgia News

ST. MARY’S, Ga (ABC News) – A mother and her young son were victims of alleged stalking and a sneak attack inside a Georgia Walmart.

Reports say Briona Wimbush and her 16-month old son, Dallas, were shopping in a St. Mary’s Walmart when Wimbush felt as she was being followed.

She confronted the man and asked why he was following her, he denied the act and walked away.

Wimbush contacted Walmart management within the store, filed a report, and continued to shop.

Store surveillance shows the alleged stalker’s wife, Sheree Campbell, confronting Wimbush about the stalking accusations, that’s when Campbell began pepper-spraying the victim and her young son. Campbell went on to pull Wimbush’s hair and punch her in the face.

When police questioned the suspect about the attack, she responded she felt threatened and just wanted to protect her family.

Campbell has been charged with battery and cruelty to children. She is awaiting a bond hearing.

The victim and suspect did not know each other.

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