AUGUSTA, GEORGIA – This week, the Georgia House of Representative is expected to finalize legislation that could put the brakes on the Palmetto Pipeline.

On Tuesday, the Georgia House of Representatives will finalize the bill.

The pipeline if approved would be built through 3 states, it would start in South Carolina run through Georgia, finally ending in Florida. In the C.S.R.A. landowners in Effingham County could be affected the most because the pipeline would run right through it. The bill’s author, Georgia State Representative Bill Hitchens says he has received overwhelming support from state representatives. Yet, environmental concerns are a big factor in passing approving project.

“It’s not just Effingham, all the legislators from Augusta down to the Savannah River to Camden county are opposed to this. I’ve never seen the unanimity about issues in the past except for maybe the spill in the Ogecchee River.” Rincon District 161 Georgia State Representative Bill Hitchens said.

House Bill 1036 would temporarily suspend on the project until June 2017. The changes suggested by the Georgia Senate also add more regulations on the project.