AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A state-wide organization returns for its annual convention, making sure people are connected to Christ.

The General Missionary Baptist Convention held is 153rd event at the Marriott Convention Center in Augusta, where it originally began that many years ago.

“It is comprised of over 600 churches throughout the state of Georgia, representing all 159 counties,” President of Georgia Missionary Baptist Convention Reverend Anthony Corbitt said.

Reverend Anthony Corbitt is the president of the organization and says 153 years later, the event’s purpose remains the same. 

“It was organized to really educate more of our African-American people about Christ and just give an educational background to Christianity in general.” 

Members of the convention say Thursday morning’s word resonates with the world we live in today.

“Hydrated Spirit– being full of spirit, being full of excitement, encouragement, empowerment. Looking forward to another day and just knowing that you’re deserving and believing that you are deserving of that hydrated spirit. And it’s something that’s contagious, because once we hang out with hydrated people, we would like to feel hydrated ourselves,” Member of Union Baptist Church Monica A. Swayne said.

Swayne says these events are the inspiration for the generations after her. 

“We look at five generations, you’ve seen five generations here this week. And to just look at what God is doing in all five of those generations and doing it together– inclusive, collectively, collaboratively and we’re all one team– and God gets all the glory.”

Reverend Corbitt, Swayne and the rest of the attendees believe it is because of events like these, they have confidence in a brighter tomorrow. 

 “As our leader stated during his address, it’s all coming together. And what an amazing place to cultivate everything back together as it relates to the mission, the purpose and the premise of the General Missionary Baptist Convention Incorporated,” Swayne said.