AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — Filling up at the pump is costing drivers a lot more.

” When I first got this vehicle, it was 20 dollars to fill it up. It’s now over 40 sometimes,” Kerry Lynn Guido Wagner said.

AAA reports Augusta has some of the highest gas prices in the state.

Prices have gone up 12 cents in just a week .

” I don’t make much too start with and I’m barely surviving, and these gas prices are literally killing me,” Wagner said.

Kerry Wagner lives in North Augusta, but said she drives into Augusta just to find lower gas prices.

” That’s what I do constantly. When I’m driving around, I’m constantly checking where the lowest one is the next time, I have to get gas,” Wagner said.

She said any money she saves makes a difference.

” I’ll drive a few miles out of my way to get a lower price because every penny counts.”

Gas prices are expected to continue to rise when the Georgia gas tax suspension ends at the end of the month.

Some drivers said that plus inflation is putting a dent in their budgets.

Everything is going up and it’s surpassing the pay so now you’re having to cut back on a lot of things and that’s where we’re at now. Looking at where we can make cuts at,” Anthony Jones said

The gas tax suspension will end on May 31st.