GA woman who lost limbs speak to kids with special needs


COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL/WJBF) — Aimee Copeland was at an event that was held at Columbus State University. Because of that flesh-eating bacteria, she’s lost three of her limbs. But she’s not letting that stop her from being great. And she’s encouraging others with special needs to do the same.

Copeland spent a large part of 2012 at Doctors Hospital in Augusta making national headlines battling a flesh-eating bacteria.

“72 Hours before my entire left leg had rotted off and all my vital organs were failing,” says Copeland.

Aimee Copeland was the keynote speaker during the 7th Annual Transition Fair at Columbus State University Wednesday.

Part of her role was to inform high school students with special needs of their options as they prepare to transition into adulthood. She explains how she contracted a flesh-eating bacteria back in 2012.

“I was actually on a homemade zipline in Carrollton, Georgia across a very small creek. The zipline snapped and I fell onto very sharp rocks below, slicing open my leg and allowing the flesh-eating bacteria to enter,” says Copeland.

Copeland says she was just 24-year-old, when the incident happened. In addition to losing one of her legs, she also lost both of her hands.

“I did lose the girl that I was,” says Copeland.

Copeland is now a therapist in Atlanta. She says living as an amputee in a power wheelchair comes with its good and bad days. She says stairs often prove to be a challenge.

“My friends are all up there and wanna play ping pong on the top floor and I can’t go… that’s frustrating or when my friends live in houses that aren’t accessible that’s frustrating…or if there’s something in the top cabinet and nobody’s home and I can’t get to it..that’s frustrating,” says Copeland.

Despite having obstacles, Copeland tries her best to have a positive outlook on life.

“I’m not like poor Aimee in her wheelchair. I got it going on yall!” says Copeland.

Aimee says she’s re-learned how to do a host of things, including: how to do a ponytail and she even workouts on the treadmill using nothing to hold her up.

Wednesday night’s annual Transition Fair was put on by several organizations, the Muscogee County School District, Goodwill Southern Rivers, Columbus State University and the Exceptional Family Member Program.

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