GA Task Force Doctor has important advice to help contain spread of coronavirus


"I just want to reiterate the virus is here and everywhere now." ~Dr. Jacqueline Fincher

AUGUSTA, Ga.– If there’s one thing Dr. Jacqueline Fincher wants you to know it’s this: stay home. Really. Stay home as much as possible right now.

Dr. Jacqueline Fincher is a member of Governor Brian Kemp’s Georgia COVID-19 Task Force.

“We know we have positives in all our communities, we know we have positives in our hospitals. And again, the less that we are in contact with one another physically, the more important lack of surge that we’ll see. And that’s the concern- we don’t want to overwhelm the system.”

The Thomson, Ga. physician says it no longer matters where you’ve traveled– the virus is everywhere no. She says it is community, person-to-person spread.

“You know, while we are concerned about not exposing well people to disease, my greater concern… for instance, for my patients… is they may have a way greater risk going to the grocery store than they do in coming to my office if needed.”

Fincher says work from home if you can.

“If not, thank you to those working at essential places like doctors’ offices, hopspitals, banks, post offices, grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants.

“Also, wash your hands thoroughly and often. Wash them every time you walk into your house. And help our seniors stay home by providing them neighborly and family help by going to the grocery store, pharmacy, or other businesses for their essential needs.”

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