SARDIS, G.A. (WJBF)- Georgia Power is introducing new technology to cities throughout the state. It’s part of an effort to reduce power outage effects.

Teams are working to make sure the power comes back on quickly when there’s an outage.

“That might be your grandma in the dark. I don’t want mine sitting in the dark, so I don’t want yours sitting in the dark,” crew leader Caleb Johnson said.

Georgia Power crew leader Caleb Johnson is from Thompson and says it’s important all areas, including rural, get the service they need during a power outage. Which is why he appreciates what he does. 

“You can go build your own barn, you can weld on a trailer or something, but you can’t turn your lights on. So, we have a sense of pride that when the lights go out, we feel responsible to wake up, get dressed and come out here and help restore power to everybody.” 

Friday’s work focused on using smart technology to improve service in the area. 

“We’re hanging electronic recloser and the importance of that is not only limiting who goes out when the power goes out but being able to restore power to the customers in a matter of minutes versus a matter of hours,” Johnson said. 

And Georgia Power Area Manager Stephen King tells me there’s more.

“It allows us to see data and analytics on the line, it allows us to possibly avoid an outage altogether– in the event that there’s something that the reclosure can clear on its own.” 

At the end of the day, leaders say customer safety and satisfaction is number one on their list.

“Investments in the grid is no different than that. It serves our customers and that’s at the center of what we do,” King said. 

“With stuff like this, we can press a button from the office somewhere and restore power to a certain amount of customers without ever having to send someone down here,” Johnson said.

Georgia Power’s goal is to make sure customers across the state can keep the lights on during a storm or any other type of outage.