Ga health officials still waiting for kids COVID vaccine


AUGUSTA, G. A. /NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – The government has given the green light for kids to start getting their Covid-19 shots, but there’s still a hold up in Georgia.

“The most important thing for a pediatrician to do in their practice, is give vaccines,” said Dr. David Allen with North Augusta Pediatrics.

And thousands of pediatricians across the state of South Carolina are making history as they prepare to administer the covid-19 vaccine to kids ages 5 to 11.

“We save more lives, giving vaccines than anything else we do,” said Dr. Allen.

Dr. David Allen says they have 600 doses on hand waiting to be given out.

He says, “We’ve got 150 scheduled so far for people who have already called and wanted to get scheduled to get that vaccine so we’re going to go through those pretty quickly.”

But across the river in Georgia, health officials are still waiting on that first batch, after placing orders weeks ago.

“Ultimately at this point in time we are waiting on acknowledgment from the department of public health on when we should expect to receive the pediatric batch of vaccines for this 5 to 11 age group,” said Dr. Joshua Wyche with Augusta University.

And until then parents will not be able to schedule appointments for the vaccine. Back when Covid shots were first administered to adults, there was some trouble finding and getting the vaccine.
Health experts in Georgia say we could run into that same issue with the covid shot for kids.

“You potentially could see where demand in the children is more than what the availability is, but that will be very short lived, if it happens at all,” said Dr. Wyche.

Dr. Wyche says that should taper off quickly if it happens at all. In South Carolina, doctors aren’t expecting to run into that issue.

“I think that we’re going to have plenty we were able to order the 600 doses without any difficulty, and next week we’ll order another 600 doses and probably get them that same week,” said Dr. Allen.

The kids’ covid vaccine is made up of .2 milliliters, which is less than what’s administered to adults, and while some parents and guardians are on board with getting their children vaccinated.

“For the most part, I think they will need it, for the simple fact that it would prevent them from having worse symptoms if they do get it,” said Elnora Parker.

“I say any child, regardless of their age needs to get vaccinated for their protection,” said Theresa Morris.

There are some who are still skeptical.

“I do trust the science, but at the same time, it’s obvious that they’re finding out things about the vaccine and as time goes along, I know we’ll need some more time to see what the side effects are,” Felicia Lurry.

Health experts say even once your child is vaccinated, they still should wear their masks while in school.

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