CATOOSA, Ga. (WSB) – Reports of people dressed as clowns trying to lure and scare kids have now reached north Georgia.

That’s where two girls allege a clown tried to chase them down and they have video of that suspected creepy clown.

They have snapchat video of that creepy clown standing right outside Shareda Maston’s apartment.

It waved what looks like a knife before it scampered away.

Shareda says she was with her 11-year old cousin when she spotted the clown at the BP station across the street, so she ran home.

“I left her and by the time we got here, we turned around, closing the door, it was standing right here with the knife, just waving it at us through the window,” Shareda says.

That’s when they took video through the blinds. They took a second Snapchat video from a side window as well.

“It was scary,” Shareda says. “I was fixing to cry because I’m scared of clowns.”

Police say this is not the first creepy clown sighting in this area. In fact, they say, there have been a couple of times.

Fort Oglethorpe police say they’re taking the sightings seriously, but think the creepy clown may just be a kid trying to scare people.

Angela Martin doesn’t care if it’s a kid or an adult, especially when it followed her niece and daughter home.

She says whoever it is better be real careful they don’t try to scare someone with a gun

“Oh, it’s very dangerous,” Angela says. “It’s very dangerous because I’ve told the police officers if it happens again, they’re going to come pick me up instead of that person because they gonna be dead.”

Georgia law prohibits anyone to wear masks to scare people unless it is a holiday like Halloween.