GA Attorney General releases cyber security guide for small businesses, non-profits, houses of worship


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AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – Georgia’s Attorney General says you should have protection from cyber attacks no matter how small your business or organization.

Most big companies pay big bucks for cyber security. For those of you small business owners, non- profit directors and religious leaders, Attorney General Chris Carr understands you do not have the budget for that so he released a cyber security guide to help.

“Cybercrime and identity theft can have a huge impact on businesses and consumers alike – from the compromise of sensitive data to financial exploitation. In today’s world, it is not if, but when, an attempt will occur, so we want all Georgia organizations to be as prepared as possible to safeguard their data and their customers’ data. Educational awareness is still the greatest protection against cyber threats, and our Consumer Protection Division compiled these best practices that business owners and organization managers can consider when implementing their own policies and procedures.”

GA Attorney General Chris Carr

The guide is 24 pages long intended to help small businesses, non-profits and places of worship.

“This is a growing landscape for crime,” says GBI special agent in charge Steven Foster.

There are investigators across the state working to catch cyber criminals; however, there are just too many of them for law enforcement to tackle all of the crime, which is why individuals should do what they can to help.

“The criminal has learned to understand that they can use our cell phones, our emails, how we browse the internet and how we do business on the internet and they can exploit us,” says Special Agent Foster. “The problem with online crime has grown to the level that we have to take action.”

The message “to take action” applies to more than just law enforcement. Attorney General Chris Carr encourages small business owners, non profit organizations and places of worship to use the cyber security guide as a resource take action as well.

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