Future WJBF News Team? Students Show Skills at Evans Middle Career Fair

EVANS - Hundreds of students got a glimpse into their possible futures Friday as Evans Middle School hosted its annual Career Fair. WJBF joined dozens of businesses and organizations from across the CSRA to speak to students about various careers. Anchor/Producer John Hart, reporter Renetta DuBose, videojournalist Dominic Lee and News Content Manager Kathy Wideman represented Television Park. For more click on the video or read the transcript below:

Jean Bolick/Guidance Couselor: "Today we're having our annual career fair at Evans Middle School."

John: "Today these students got a glimpse into their futures."

Bolick: "It's so important for students to learn at an early age about different careers and what options are available to them."

John: "But not just anybody can be a big-time news anchor with all the fame and name recognition that comes with it. They're gonna have to pass the test."

Student (to John): "Are you Brad Means?"

John: "First up...anchoring"

Maddie Cooper/6th Grade: "Augusta University has spent thousands of dollars on its name so far."

Camryn Cooper/6th Grade: "A local advertising agency did the study of the new-look logo and brand."

Trey Morris/6th Grade: "The last name change cost $3.8 million."

Student #1: "It's the final Republican face-off before the Iowa Caucuses."

Student #2: "Caucuses? Caucuses? Caucuses?"

Student #3: "And front-runner Donald Trump is...dang it."

Student #4: "And front-runner...dang it! I'm nervous."

Student #5: "It's the final Republican faceoff before the Iowa caucus."

John: "Not bad, but the most important thing we do is get answers to the tough questions."

Erin Worth & Emily Nicholson/6th Grade: "What is your favorite color? My favorite color is pink."

Daniel Foster & Daniel Praesav/6th Grade: "How's the interview going? Kind of good."

Riley & Rachel Hunter/6th Grade: "How do you feel about the career fair coming to Evans Middle School? I feel that it gets me out of class so I'm good about it!"

John: "Mmmm...we'll work on that. And then, the big finale!"

Student #6: "I'm James Mill reporting."

Student #7: "I'm Cailey Crenshaw reporting."

Student #8: "I'm Irvin Davis reporting."

Student #9: "I'm Ashley Morris reporting."

Student #10: "I'm Peyton Shellnut reporting."

Student #11: "I'm Jared Brown. I'm here at Evans Middle School for the Career Fair, back to you John and Kim."


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