Future members of Coliseum Authority to go before commission


Augusta, Ga (WJBF) For the Coliseum Authority November was the best of times and the worst of times they finally got a financing package on the ballot for a new arena, then voters rejected it, now elected officials preparing to make a decision on this seven-member board.  

The election loss forced the Coliseum Authority back to work to come up with a new course of action for a new arena.  

“And our course of action was to go forward, one of the things we did hear resounding from the voters they did not want a total property tax,” said Coliseum Authority Chairman Cedric Johnson.  

 As the Authority works on a new way to pay for a new arena, members are working overtime. 

 All their terms have expired, some by almost three years.  

 Commissioners are now preparing to decide on whether to replace or reappoint the Authority.  

 “I’m looking for a hardy conversation with that, I’m not sure exactly how that’s going to go,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.  

Under the rules three members are appointed by commissioners from Super District 9 and three from Super District 10 

“I think we need to look at what’s going on in each individual and see exactly what job’s they are doing so I’m just going to leave it at that,” said District 10 Commissioner John Clarke.  

“So, you haven’t made up your mind yet?” 

 “Not 100 percent no.” sad Clarke.  

 “They’ve been on there working together for a while, I don’t think right now we need to move them I just think we need to let everybody come back,” said Commissioner Francine Scott.  

 But under the current Authority, funding of a new arena was rejected by voters. 

 “You didn’t get it done, we should clean house,” 

 Well George, I don’t see it that way the people who are there put a lot of time in a lot of work in they are committed to getting the arena done,” said Chairman Johnson.  

 Now commissioners have the authority to appoint six members of the Coliseum Authority however the appointment of the Chairman that authority lies with the Legislative Delegation in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6. 

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