Funding to fix Georgia’s roads and bridges


ATLANTA, GA (WJBF)- The White House released a new report that shows that Georgia has nearly 400 bridges considered to be in poor condition with the state receiving a “c ” on its report card.

“In Georgia alone, there are 374 bridges that are considered to be in poor condition and often in rural areas.” Said Pete Buttigieg, United States Secretary of Transportation.

President Biden’s 620-billion dollar American jobs plan could help fix the state’s infrastructure.

“We’re going to fix roads, and bridges, ports and airports, transit, trains and transit in smaller and larger communities.” Said Buttigieg.

But the proposal goes a lot further than just roads. It would also expand rural internet access.

“Being connected to the internet is as important as the highway system. A lot of racial inequalities, in access, especially in rural everything from medical care like telehealth, to just apply for a job, that rely on internet access.” Said Buttigieg.

Buttigieg says it would fix the state’s water system.

“The president has said we are going to replace every lead service line pipe in the country so that kids are not in danger of led poisoning. Some communities have more lead pipes than others. We have to get to 100% percent of them so that families don’t have to worry about getting clean, safe drinking water out of the tap.” Said Buttigieg.

He says the bill would actually save Americans money.

“Georgians are paying $300 per family on maintenance of your car hitting holes on the road and issues by inadequate infrastructure.” Said Buttigieg.

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