AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – When you see a loose dog, you typically want to run in the other direction. But this is Wiski, a local German Shepherd owned by Staff Sergeant Sarah Jersey, a soldier stationed at Fort Gordon. And she wants everyone to be on the lookout for her missing dog.

“We actually drove out from where we lived in Ft. Mitchell, Alabama to, I think it was just outside Phenix City, Alabama. And we saw the whole litter we were just like oh my gosh we want them all,” she recalled.

Jersey remembers the first day she and her husband laid eyes on Wiski at just six weeks old. And like anyone’s animal, she became an important part of the family, especially for people who serve their country.

“We went through a lot of issues. With the military, obviously, you don’t stay in one spot,” SSG Jersey told NewsChannel 6. “Her and her sister Zelda, we got Zelda a couple of days afterwards, but those two, they help keep me grounded. They help with the anxiety, they help with the depression, nightmares.”

While the CSRA prepared for the Christmas holiday last year, Jersey left her pets Wiski and Zelda at her Fort Gordon home with a friend. She went to Fort Mitchell where her husband is stationed and they traveled to Illinois. But when she received photos of Wiski, she saw something was wrong.

“The person put his hand out on Wiski. She was plastered against the wall. You could tell in her face and her body language she didn’t want it,” she explained, noting that she left her dog in the care of a friend because Wiski does not take well to some people after a few kids threw pine cones at her.

Photos and videos were sent of Wiski up until Christmas Day. Some even showed her rejecting treats. And then they stopped.

That night, Jersey learned Wiski got out of her backyard in Fort Gordon Terrace. She quickly took to social media, posted flyers where she could and reached out to professional pet recovery volunteers. The flyer posting was limited on post and she was denied by pet recovery places.

When that failed, she offered a reward and only received prank phone calls and scams. Four months later, she’s calling on media to help, pointing people in the direction of Deans Bridge Road, between Barton Chapel Road and Tobacco Road and by Gate 5.

“I lost a friend over this, I lost a family member. Getting her back will make everything right,” Jersey said tearfully.

She added there’s a $1,000 dollar reward.