FORT GORDON, Georgia (WJBF)- Fort Gordon is looking for community support to keep the Signal Corps history close to home. But a 5-K run to help support the effort was recently canceled.

Fort Gordon is home to historical artifacts like a part of the Berlin Wall and two Oscars for many years, but the Signal Corp Museum fears their departure from the CSRA if a home is not found.

Since the Signal Corps Museum closed in February 2021, those involved with the Signal Corp and beyond have fought to keep the historical artifacts at Fort Gordon where they feel they belong. 

“If other museums have [an] intent or need– if they wanted to use some of those artifacts, then those can get lost and moved to other places,” Executive Director Amy Tuschen said.

A 5k run was set to be held this Saturday, June 11th, but was canceled.

“Couldn’t get all the paperwork signed, couldn’t get everything approved at Fort Gordon in a timely manner, so we ended up having to cancel. We’re hoping we can do other fundraisers like that in the future though,” Tuschen said. 

Fort Gordon’s Historical Museum Society has already mapped out a potential model of a building they hope to purchase. 

The building sits adjacent to Fort Gordon and costs around $4.5 million dollars, but current building owners lowered that cost to a little more than $3 million. 

“Once we get the building, like I said, we’ll proffer it to the Army, but we will still have to, you know, pay the monthly things that go along with that,” Tuschen said.

Currently other artifacts from the museum reside at the U.S. Army Reserve on Wrightsboro Road. 

The Fort Gordon Historical Museum Society continues seeking donations to keep the artifacts here. If you’re interested in donating visit the museum’s website.