AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Fort Gordon’s Career Skills Program partners with companies that help Veterans, service members who are within 180 days of their retirement and their spouses transition into civilian jobs.

The post announced today that its CSP partnered with The Warrior Alliance, First Command Financial Services, Koch Industries and SOFTACT Solutions to provide service members with training and employment opportunities to set them up for success.

“It’s an awesome job, it’s an awesome opportunity training plan for the service members,” said Renzo Begazoleon, the transition services specialist for Fort Gordon. “I recommend it to everyone.”

Some of these training and employment opportunities include golf course management, financial advisor positions, production, maintenance, and information technology management.

Many of the service members at the post enlisted straight out of high school, and said they haven’t had to learn certain professional skills.

I joined the military at 17, so all I know is nothing but army way of life,” said Joshua Webber, a sergeant first class at Fort Gordon. “This program will help service members transition from that way of doing certain things, to helping them understand what its gonna be like when they get into a civilian sector of life.”

Most of the partner companies of CSP have many military clients or were founded by veterans, so representatives said they feel grateful to be able to provide these opportunities, and said they benefit both parties.

“We always look to fill our advisors with military,” said Scott Haggas, a financial advisor at First Command Financial Services. “And they understand the same experiences of our clients and understand the whole military culture, so I thought it would be mutually benefitting for both.”

The program now has seven partners, and said they expect to add two more soon.