AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Thursday morning, indicted former Augusta commissioner, Sammie Sias, heads to court for a pretrial conference. He’s accused of destroying evidence and lying to federal investigators.

Prosecutors want the courts to include some evidence but exclude other evidence during trial.

During the FBI raid on Sias’s home in 2019 and a later interview, he allegedly made statements attempting to defend himself.

Prosecutors are asking the court to exclude those statements — claiming it falls under the hearsay rule. The rule states that a defendant cannot try to clear his name without a cross examination.

Prosecutors are also asking that the court allow them to admit into evidence SPLOST documents– saying they cannot prove their case without it.

A voter is Sias’s former district, District 4, said he hopes justice is served.

“Well in a way, it does shake our confidence a little bit because we’re looking for our leaders to do exactly what they’re hired to do. What they’ve been elected to do in our communities,” said Alvin Scott.

He added that seeing this play out is a good lesson for voters and politicians.

“Hopefully the justice that will come from this will give prudence to the future in the community to do a better job for us.”

Jury selection on Sias’s trial begins July 25th.

Photojournalist: Will Baker.