Forensic audit of Augusta departments on agenda for commissioners


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Commissioners meeting will be on Thursday this week instead of Tuesday. It was rescheduled for the Independence Day holiday, and what could be prompting fireworks is this call for a forensic audit that goes beyond looking at just credit card charges.

Some commissioners say they’re hearing from Augusta taxpayers who want to know where their money is going.

“There are concerns and when you have citizens raising concerns, I got elected to listen to their concerns,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

Concerns are being raised by some of the charges on Mayor Davis credit card, and Commissioners McKnight and John Clarke want that looked into. They are calling for a forensic audit of all city departments, not just the credit cards.

“There’s some departments and some programs that we do need to look at to see where this money is going and how it’s being spent,” said Commissioner Clarke.

Forensic audits are normally conducted where there’s a suspicion of wrongdoing and are used to provide evidence.

“If they happen to stumble across criminal activity so be it, we’ll take care of it when we cross it,” said Clarke.

“If you have a specific issue, we definitely need to look into that issue different department or whatnot to do the entire government that’s pretty costly you typically you only do those if there’s a specific issue you’re looking at,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

“That’s again why we need to have a conversation about it we don’t need to jump into something so quickly just off of a knee jerk reaction we ought to have a conversation because these things come with costs and the taxpayers have to pay for it,” Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

“Some of the things I have seen we need to look into it we certainly need to look into it,” said Commissioner McKnight.

“We can come up with money for all kinds of cockamamie stuff whenever we want to but we’re going to argue about a forensic audit,” said Commissioner Clarke.

While the commissioners believe a forensic audit of all city departments is needed, commissioner Clarke understands the politics of the requests. He says he believes it will not pass.

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