Forecasting the financial impact of the 2016 presidential election


Augusta, GA — As 2016 nears an end, we are taking a look back at how the economy has done over these past ten months and what we can expect for the rest of the year — as well as the beginning of 2017. To do that we turn to Jeff Fehrman, president of the Fehrman Investment Group.

Fehrman explains that growth has been slow throughout the year and delves into why that is. He also addresses interest rates. With the Federal Reserve choosing to leave interest rates alone, Fehrman believes that there is no rush to make that next big ticket purchase like a house or a car. In a related note, he breaks down the current trends in regards to the real estate market locally.

As always, we take a look at the market which is almost at all time highs. Fehrman gives some insight as to what investors should be looking at when it comes to where to place their money, and we also look at what is happening with the Global markets.

Finally, the upcoming presidential election will impact all areas of our lives, however, Fehrman has some surprising thoughts on how it will impact our market. He explains to viewers why when it comes to the market, it does not matter who is sworn in as the next President of the United States.

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