Food prescriptions over medicine


Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Doctors are putting food ahead of medicine when it comes to what ails you.

“The only thing is healthy food is more expensive vs. a bag of chips basically,” Erica, a grocery shopper said.

The next time you’re at the doctor’s office, your conversation might not be about how many or what kind of pills you’re taking.. but how you can cut down on your medications, thanks to a simple change in your grocery shopping list.

“It’s an issue of prioritize what the big picture is and moving forward with that,” said Nutritional Director, Patricia Skolnik.

Nutrition director Patricia Skolnik is not against medicine intake, but wants to find an effective way to help patients minimize the how much they take.

“Nutrition is a therapy for a lot of people, not only can it help manage chronic diseases that we already have, but prevent chronic diseases and keep us healthy,” said Nutritional Director, Patricia Skolnik.

For example, exercising while taking medicine is helpful but adding a dietary nutritionist to your health plan can be an added benefit to managing chronic illness.

“You are what you eat, you can not out exercise bad eating habits, unfortunately most would like to eat pizza, and ice cream everyday but it does not matter,” said Nutritional Director, Patricia Skolnik.

By simply trading pizza for an apple, a person could determine how long they need the medicine they take. The goal now is to have doctors be the front line for nutrition information.

“It is a fine balancing act sometimes in trying to encourage somebody to make the best choices for them to help with their short term and long term nutrition goals,” said Nutritional Director, Patricia Skolnik.

Before you make big changes, talk to your local physician about the benefits of adding nutrients could mean for your health.

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