Florida man facing eviction over emotional support squirrel


CLEARWATER BEACH, FL (WFLA) — A Florida man is fighting to keep his emotional support squirrel that lives with him at his condominiums complex.

Ryan Boylan and Brutis are inseparable. He rescued her last year after Hurricane Matthew.

“Ever since then I mean, oh my God, I can’t imagine not being around her,” said Boylan.

But now he could lose her.

Property management discovered Brutis back in April when she was chased up a tree by a dog.

According to a complaint filed by the condo association to Boylan and the condo owner, exotic animals are not allowed. He never told the board about the animal.

He was sent a notice last month to give up the squirrel or be evicted.

“I was very sad that he had to basically push every single limitation that he could to try and get me out because of Brutis,” said Boylan.

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