CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Flooding associated with heavy rain prompted numerous road closures across Charleston and North Charleston on Monday afternoon.

The National Weather Service initiated a flood advisory for much of the tri-county through 5:00 p.m. as flooding from excessive rainfall was expected to continue through the evening.

Roads started to become impassable in the early afternoon on Monday, forcing police to block several more than a dozen roads in Charleston, West Ashley, and in North Charleston.

Rivers Avenue looked more like a river than an avenue near the intersection of Otranto Road.  High water even crept up into the Murphy Express parking lot.

Lasha Stinson was on her way to pick up her daughter from school when the flooding postponed her plans. “I’m basically a little scared for me and my kids because other people don’t care that it’s raining,” she said. “It’s like I gotta hurry up and get to her. That’s why I was actually going to sign out earlier because of how bad it is out here. Like it’s really bad out here.”

Police warned drivers not to ignore road barriers. One vehicle almost became stuck in high water and had to reverse to get out.

“I always get nervous because a year ago I did actually get stuck in a flood and flooded out my car,” said Tiffany Hoffman, event coordinator for the Berkeley Animal Center. “Unexpected, it was one of those ‘I should’ve turned around don’t drown.”

Hoffman was on the way to bring two kittens by News 2 when she was forced to turn around. “It was bumper to bumper, it was deluge- everyone was trying to turn around. It was a mess.”

Meanwhile, several roads remain closed in Charleston and West Ashley. Multiple cars were seen stranded in the middle of the intersection at King and Huger Streets.

Charleston Fire and Rescue crews were out helping people get out of their flooding vehicles. Several cars thankfully turned around before becoming stuck – but the impacts snarled traffic across the peninsula for much of the day.

Storm Team 2 said the steady rain will continue impacting the Charleston area for the next few hours, so it is unclear how long roads will be flooded or when they will be able to reopen.