Flood waters keep rising on the river and washing out region roads


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – There are flooding issues all across the CSRA. In Downtown Augusta, at the 5th Street Marina, it is getting worse as the rain continues. The entire parking lot is covered in water. Another problem is the boat ramp. As the water rises it does too, making it hard to access the boats.

Large orange barricades went up at the marina to help drivers avoid the completed submerged parking.

But Savannah River flooding is impacting more than just those who live on the water in Downtown Augusta.

We checked in with Raymond “Spider” Edenfield down in Girard.

“My docks are in pretty bad shape,” he said. “They hung up or something. It’s only about another foot and they will be gone.”

We talked with Edendfield again after taking a boat ride on the completed flooded Stoney Bluff Landing Road in Girard. He said more than a dozen homes impacted still have power even though the water is higher since Monday.

He also said, “I’ve got a freezer down the river and all kind of life jackets and stuff like that. Tables.”

Additionally, he said his home now has water inside.

“It’s covering the bottom deck of my house,” Edenfield said of the place he lives with his wife. “I got a little spot that I go in and then you go upstairs, but it’s full at the bottom.”

Other homes across the CSRA are seeing more water too with ponds forming and swamps taking out portions of Gum Swamp Road in Jackson, South Carolina.

Homes in River North in North Augusta have been on watch all week too with flooding there now.

And down river in Burke and Screven Counties there are reports of dirt and paved roads covered in water. While emergency management teams there keep watch, the Army Corps of Engineers report the plan remains the same, which is to wait to see if the spillway gates at Thurmond Dam will need to be released.

Dirt road covered in water in Burke County

Scott Hyatt, Operations Project Manager at J. Strom Thurmond Dam and Lake told us this week, “If we do get to a situation where we have to open the spillway gates, we will give the public notice of that. We’d like for it to be 24 hours, maybe 6 or 12 hours. It just depends on what the situation is.”

The Augusta Fire Department is also watching river levels down here at the marina. As for the people who live in these boats, the city’s Parks and Recreation Department handles that. We have reached out to them.

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

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