FL man says dog shot his girlfriend


JACKSONVILLE, FL (CNN) – A Florida man told police that his dog was responsible for shooting his girlfriend while she was sleeping.

The 25-year-old tells police his dog Diesel was the shooter. His girlfriend told police she was asleep when it happened and she doesn’t know how exactly it went down.

“I could see policemen walking down the sidewalk,” said neighbor Dianna Fay.

Fay didn’t know what to think when she saw police and first responders on her street Tuesday night.

“If somebody had broke in, if somebody had died, I didn’t know. I just got myself back in the house.”

How did she react when told why they were all there?


“What makes you say that?”

“A dog can’t fire a gun. That’s crazy.”

It might sound like an extreme version of ‘my dog ate my homework’ but that’s what 25-year-old Brian Murphy says happened.

He told police he brought his dog Diesel back into the bedroom after a late night walk when he saw a flash and heard a bang.

He say he believes Diesel jumped on the night stand where his gun was sitting and it went off shooting his girlfriend in the leg.

Neither Murphy or his girlfriend wanted to talk reporters.

The woman who has shot suffered injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

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