#Update | August 1, 2022 – As of Monday afternoon, 2 of the 4 victims were treated and released, while two others remain hospitalized.

GIRARD, GA. (WJBF)- In a town of just more than 200 people, investigators say five were shot early Saturday morning.

34 year-old Dereck Hilton was killed.

“Pray for his family– he’s got one of the best mommas you’ve ever seen and it’s just sad, sad, sad,” Ryan Mobley said.

A Local business owner who knows Hilton said he was a good guy. 

“And it’s just sad that it happened to him ‘cause he’s a good kid, he comes to my restaurant all the time. He’s helped us work, he’s worked for us some,” Mobley said.

Fisheye Grill owner, Ryan Mobley says this kind of crime isn’t typical for the area. 

“I mean it’s just, it’s devastating really ‘cause you just wouldn’t think anything like that would happen in Girard because everybody is so– you know– so close. All the– everybody’s just really close around here ‘cause we’re a small community,” Mobley said.

Investigators say they have made arrests at this address on Claxton Road before and that they believe there is more than one shooter.

Anyone with any more information should contact the Burke County Sheriff’s Office. 

“You know, you just never know when evil is around. I mean, that boy had no clue that evil was even around him. They snuck up on him and he wasn’t even the target,” Mobley said.