MCCORMICK, SC. (WJBF) – Family, friends and former colleagues gathering Wednesday to honor the life and service of the late Captain J-R Jones.

“This is the morning that we get to honor and highlight the accomplishments of one of South Carolina’s best law enforcement officers of the 21st century.”

A memorial – placed along the very highway where Jones lived and in the area he helped protect.  A fitting tribute to a man who gave so much.

“I realized that it was not as much what I knew about Captain Jones, but what I learned about Captain Jones that is leaving the greatest impression with me,” Director of South Carolina Department of Public Safety Robert Woods, IV said.

The memorial  – placed here – in a place so special to Captain Jones on what would have been his 66th birthday.

“Makes it more important and uh his kids and grandkids, and nieces and nephews and all the family and people of McCormick will travel this road and be able to see the legacy– you know, a tribute to his legacy,” his son Gavin Jones said.

Captain Jones served with South Carolina Law Enforcement for 31years – rising to the rank of Captain with the State Patrol before retiring in 2009.  He would become the police chief in McCormick. He died in 2019 at age 52 due to personal health.

His family says he was a God fearing man with a servant’s heart. 

“He served the people. You know, served the people well and uh, he believed in doing the right thing,” Jones said.

Now they’re making sure what he gave them and the entire community will not be forgotten.