Firefighters Association Gets Rejected By The Augusta Commission


Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Augusta Commissioners are giving the local firefighter association the cold shoulder.

City leaders rejected a request from Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle to officially recognize the Augusta Professional Firefighters Association.

The association has clashed with some Commissioners, after the group accused the Fire Chief Chris James of buying problem-plagued fire rigs. Some Commissioners, however, say the city needs to allow the association to speak out on fire-related issues. “We don’t need to turn our backs on any association that deals with public safety, or our employees. My intent is not to do anything to discredit Chief James. We got a problem a safety problem, we need to look at it and address it,” said Commissioner Guilfoyle.

The fire association members are vowing to stay involved politically in Augusta, including joining  with the group gathering petitions to get repealing the storm water utility fee on the ballot this November.

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