Fighting code violations could be a long and costly battle


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Just saying no hasn’t worked so more needs to be done to clean up the Garden City.

“Of course it does because this is our community we want people to come and visit and we love Augusta and we have to show we love Augusta by keeping it clean,” said Deborah Jackson.

“This is not going to be fixed overnight we know that I think there is a ground swelling of the community saying let’s clean up Augusta,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Cleaning up is the   idea being a comprehensive plan to tackle the most pressing issues.

“Housing code violations, littering, illegal dumping, abandoned homes, the plan calls for stepped up enforcement a new series of fines and a public awareness campaign.

“So we’re going to educate we’re going to warn and we are going to enforce kind of a three prong approach to it,” said Ramone Lamkin, Richmond County Marshal.

But to take on this three pronged approach the plan is calling for more people and money.

For code enforcement, the Marshals Office Creating a Keep Augusta chapter beautiful to handle   the education part.

More money to tear down the abandoned buildings and 150 thousand dollars for an abandoned tire

The total is just under 900 thousand dollars.

“Is the price tag scary?”

“It’s a little high but again if we take some resources and reallocate them I think it can work” said Frantom.

The city administrator is expected to come back in two weeks with the final recommendations for the cleanup plan back to you.

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