AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – The City of Augusta is hiring. Whether the position be for an accountant for the city, a job with animal services or a position at the airport, there are pretty much jobs for anyone who wants one. Now, the city says they’re finding a lack of applicants even though they raised the minimum wage.

More than 80 jobs have been posted to the city of Augusta’s website, but few people have applied.

“Ever since COVID it’s just to the point where people just don’t want to go back to work and I think it’s just really, really bad” said Catherine Smith McKnight, City of Augusta Commissioner.

Augusta Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight says she’s not sure why people are not taking the opportunity to apply – despite the positions paying $15 an hour or more.

“We have got great paying jobs I say, a lot of these students that are graduating from high school it’ll be a wonderful job to apply for.” said McKnight.

It’s the same story with private sector jobs.  Where job trainers say they’ve also seen a decline in the number of applicants.

“We are still lower than we were prior to Covid so our numbers are lower than they’ve been in two years but we’re definitely  seeing the traffic come back” said Carlye Thompson, Director of Career services, Goodwill Job Connection.

Thompson says the job connection usually helps job seekers search for jobs in construction, education, and the medical field—many of which are located in this area.  She says pay for those jobs has also increased.

She says you just have to be willing to have the work ethic.

“I think employers are at a place right now just because of the way the market is if they’re willing to teach people and so if you put forth the effort in terms of you know the soft skills we talk about they are willing to teach a lot of the technical skills now” said Thompson.

Employment agencies say they hope to see more job seekers applying soon—especially as the economy continues to struggle with high gas prices and supply chain issues. 

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visit the Goodwill Job connection’s website for more information, and job resources.