AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- During Breast Cancer Awareness month, campaigns everywhere encourage women to get what could be a life saving mammogram.

An Augusta woman saw a story NewsChannel 6’s Kim Vickers did about free mammograms last October and it may have saved her life.

We told you about the little known federally funded Breast and Cervical Cancer Program and the services it provides.

Dozens of women saw the story and decided to take advantage of the program.

LisaAnn Wheeler, Patient Navigator for the BCCP program, said one of the women found out she had early stage breast cancer and it was treatable.

“So, we set up her appointment. She came in and had her annual exam. Had her mammogram and she was diagnosed with breast cancer,” explained Wheeler. “But had she not seen the segment, and had she not come in and gotten her mammogram, then she would still have breast cancer and not even know it. And not have the access that she needed to get to her mammogram.”

All women over 40 years old should have an annual mammogram, but things like lack of transportation and fear often stop many from going.

Wheeler said not many women know about the program and that isn’t like others that offer free mammograms.

“What’s different is that we cover the annual exam. Pap and HPV testing and also going over any requirements a woman has in the community. Food insecurities, rental assistance, light assistance. I have some great resources that help my patients out.”

For more information on the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program and to see if you qualify for free care just call (706) 667-4255.

For information on how to do a self check and symptoms to watch out for, CLICK HERE.