Father talks about life without Jacob Hall, Townville Elementary shooting victim


TOWNVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Jacob Hall’s family felt love from across the state and around the world, when their 6 year old was gunned down at Townville Elementary School in September.

Weeks later, Jacob’s dad Rodger tells Amy Wood, Life Without Jacob is a daily struggle.

Home videos of Jacob’s final first day at school, painful reminders of what’s been taken from them forever.

Jacob’s dad told 7 News, “Saturday was really hard, ’cause it’s three weeks since everything.”

The superhero funeral for Jacob, just days after he died in the hospital puts a smile on Hall’s heartbreak. But still the sadness can be overwhelming.

Hall tries to cope through tatoo art. Artistic work that he places on his left arm, because it’s the one he drives with and will see more.

The pain is deep and raw, so tough the family had to move. Rodger Hall says they just can’t go back to the place they were renting. “it’s not home anymore, because he’s not there, Rodger Hall told 7 News.

It’s been too upsetting for the family to go back. Hall told Amy Wood, “I feel so much anxiety going in there (to the old house). It’s like my chest is caving in when i go in.” And he says Jacob’s mom finds it equally difficult.

So for now the family is in an apartment and they are looking at buying their first house with a portion of the money donated in a GoFundMe campaign.

What happened at Townville elementary school has left Rodger Hall with nightmares. He says it’s not about guns. “I was raised around them and ain’t never going to change my ways, thinking that people shouldn’t own them, cause they should.”

Hall says the focus should be on the person firing the weapon and school safety.

Amy Wood asked Hall if he thinks the gunman should be tried as an adult. Hall answered: “I don’t think he should ever get out.”

When it comes to school safety Hall said, “Oh Yes, something needs to be done.”

Hall wants lawmakers to make some changes. He told 7 News “Maybe our teachers need to have concealed weapons, have them put where the kids can’t get them.” Local lawmakers are talking about reaching out to the family.

Jacob was afraid of the dark, and Hall told Amy he knew he wouldn’t want to be in a dark coffin. That is why the 6 year old’s dad says they cremated their son.

Hall said Jacob would ask him to go to church. And Hall didn’t. But at Jacob’s Superhero funeral, Rodger Hall says he was saved and that he is thankful for that assurance that he will see his son one day again.

The family is deeply grateful for the support and prayers. Hall said, “Thank you all. Thank all of ya’ll. Everyone that has done anything, sent anything, and said any prayers, even if you didn’t send anything, thank you all very much.”

As for what the community can continue to do for them? Rodger Hall said, “Pray that’s it. Get up every morning if you got kids, and love and hug on them.”

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