AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The children of an Augusta couple killed six months ago are speaking out in hopes of getting justice. The sons and daughter of Hilton and Jeannette Turner kept quiet until now believing that someone will come forward.

“When my mind was saying boy go out in them streets and you find you a gun and kill them folks and throw that gun in the river. You know what I’m saying? But you know what? I said I will not do that. I’m talking about my faith now,” said Hilton Turner Jr about the murder of his parents.

While emotions run high in the children of Hilton and Jeannette Turner, they are standing on a higher power to get justice in the murder of their parents. The couple, 75-year-old Hilton Turner, Sr and 73-year-old Jeannette Turner were found shot to death in their Hale Street home February 17, 2021. The children say they first thought their father was the only victim.

Hilton Jr said of the phone call he received that day from an uncle, “He said Scooter, you need to come home. Your daddy is dead. And I lost it.”

The late couple’s daughter, Belinda Baker, also shared her first phone call reaction. She said, “My main concern was, gotta get home to my mom because I know this has rocked her. I’m thinking health or something.”

And moments later, their world was rocked a second time.

“I fell to the floor again,” Baker added. And I just was shaking my head how? What is this?”

The family said Hilton Sr was shot once and the perpetrator turned his gun on their mother multiple times while she laid in bed. Since that February day, Richmond County investigators have been working the case, but there are no known suspects at this time. The family said the Turners, who are Augusta natives and graduates of Lucy C. Laney High School, would have given anyone, anything.

“My mother, she was bed ridden,” Turner said. “She couldn’t do anything to you unless she saw your face and could recognize you.”

Another son, Corey Cooper, who said the Turners are his aunt and uncle, but raised him since he was a child, told us, “They loved everybody and didn’t have a heart to turn anybody around or anybody down for anything that they asked for. And that’s the part that’s just killing me inside right now.”

The children said they are praying someone comes forward, even if its anonymously. And there is a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

Baker added, My parents did not invite any type of activity like this to this house in the 20 odd years that they lived here. There has not been a day, not a day of anything of any inkling that something like this would happen.”