SCREVEN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – It’s been nearly one year since Julian Lewis, 60, was shot and killed by a Georgia State Trooper during a traffic stop in Screven County.

Lewis’ family saw dashcam video from the night of his August 2020 death for the first time on Thursday, according to the family’s attorneys.

“We are crying deeply inside from what we’ve seen today. It is so unearthing. It is so nerve-wracking,” Tonia Lewis-Moore, Lewis’ sister, said. 

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, Trooper Jacob Thompson attempted to pull Lewis over for a broken tail light. Reports said when Lewis did not stop, Thompson performed a PIT maneuver, forced Lewis’ car into a ditch and shot him in the head.

Thompson was fired from his job and arrested on aggravated assault and felony murder charges. In late June 2021, a 22-person grand jury decided not to indict the former trooper.

The family’s attorneys said they met with the district attorney and prosecutors on Thursday to see the photos, diagrams and video evidence presented to the grand jury.

“It took my heart away from me. And I never, ever want to see it again,” Lindsay Milton, Lewis’ mother, said. “The only thing I want to see today is I want justice for my son. Because all I’m seeing in that video was nothing but murder. My child was just hard-dimed murdered.”

Now, the family is calling for the video they saw to be released to the public.

“The world needs to see what has gone on here and recognize the injustice that has taken place here has taken place in the past and can happen anywhere at any time,” Brook Bacon, Lewis’ son, said.

On Thursday, the family’s attorneys said they also want federal intervention, including an investigation into the grand jury. They also said they want a civil rights investigation.

 “We call on the U.S. attorney’s office to use all of its powers, all of the tools in its toolkit to vindicate the rights, the civil rights, of Julian Lewis,” attorney Francys Johnson said.

“It’s this family’s intention to continue to escalate and elevate their call for justice to the highest orders of both not just our criminal justice system but our political system,” attorney Mawuli Davis said.

The family’s attorneys said they have already asked the Department of Justice for the evidence to be reviewed and they hope to meet with U.S. Attorney’s office. 

For now, the Lewis family said they will keep pushing for justice.

“We are hurting from this senseless death. We want justice for Julian. We want justice for Julian Edward Roosevelt Lewis,” Tonia Lewis-Moore said.

News 3 tried to contact the district attorney for comment but has not heard back yet.