BURKE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – This has been a trying week for loved ones and friends of a missing man in Burke County.  Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office are searching for 63-year-old Simon Powell after he left home Wednesday, June 1 and never returned.

“I just pray that somebody will come up and give us some closure,” a niece said while looking at a picture of Powell, her uncle.

The Burke County family is waiting in faith for Powell, who went missing last week from his River Road home.

Tanesha Brown, another niece said, “It just seems unreal right now.  It just seems puzzling and it’s very unreal.”

Brown and Powell’s son, one of three adult children, a wife and several relatives want him back home.

“I want him to walk through the door right now,” said Brown.

Investigators with the Burke County Sheriff’s Office said Powell left his River Road home in his truck, a 2012 Ford Pickup truck.  Investigators located the truck they believe Powell left home in that night on Wilson Road the next morning, but it was burned.  Those investigators said the truck was placed there.  This makes searching for Powell difficult because they don’t know where to look for him.

His family tells News Channel 6 that he never really left home at night and they aren’t sure where he could have been going.  What they do know is he was wearing a blue shirt and blue pants, both Dickies.

“He had something to do every day, but not particularly at night to just leave his house and not tell anyone that he will be gone for a long time,” Brown explained.

The family keeps looking at photos of Powell, a logger by trade, trying to understand what’s going on and it’s their hope someone notifies Burke County Sheriff’s Office with a tip and he returns home.

“He is a family man.  He is a loving person.  He did anything he could to help anybody.  So, if anybody knows anything they need to please send him home,” urged Brown.