EVANS,G.A. (WJBF) -Thursday marked one year after Brenleigh Kitchens was shot and killed by her boyfriend. Today, family and friends of Kitchens came together not to remember that tragic day, but to remember her final sacrifice of donating her organs to more than 100 people. 

Loren Kitchens was Brenleigh’s mother. She says Friday they remembered Brenliegh not as a victim, but as a hero.

“Today marks one year since we lost Brenlieh, really yesterday, but we don’t want to talk about the day she saved lives. She saved 122 lives,” said Loren Kitchens.

While she was living, Brenleigh was an organ donor

“She was the most unselfish person you could ever meet and she was selfishly taken and we just want to keep her memory alive,” said Kitchens.

“Even though her life was selfishly taken, I’m glad she got to do such a selfless act in the end,” said Black.

And the family is still working on ways to keep her memory alive, but Brenleigh’s mother says she’s still trying to grapple with this harsh reality.

“I had talked about Brenleigh lives, and I still want to do that, but I didn’t realize what mourning, what it entails. So, I’m still struggling I really want to do that and I want to keep that going I just mentally haven’t been there,” said Kitchens.

“When you lose somebody like your sibling that’s in your life every single day, that’s an ant to your daughter, you feel that void every single day,” said Black.

Beenleigh’s mother passed along advice to any parent who may suspect their child is being abused.

“Talk to them, if they’re acting different, be nosey and find out why. I wish I would’ve done that.”

“Speak up because you never know what people could be capable of and one day someone could be here and the next they’re gone,” said Black.