Family and friends mourn the death of a local teen


North Augusta, South Carolina (WJBF) –  The city of North Augusta is remembering a well-known teen, Ashlynn Overton.

It is a tragedy that has brought immense pain to the friends and family of Ashlynn Overton. And while so many are mourning her life, her pastor is thinking about her legacy.

“It really was her faith, that was so compelling, it really was Ashlynn’s faith that was so contagious and ultimately it lead to so many people who were in that huddle either meeting Jesus or going closer to Jesus,” said Matt Steelman, Aiken Campus Pastor.

Pastor Steelman just baptized Ashlynn back in January. He says tough times like that won’t be easy without communication.

“One things we’ve been telling our students and alot of our people who’ve been asking questions so far is honestly I dont want them to feel pressure to feel great at them moment um that may sound weird or sound like interesting advice but at the end of the day their is a grieving process and their is mourning that we’re going to go through and so even as people of faith even as people who love the Lord you’re still going to feel it,” said Matt Steelman, Aiken Campus Pastor.

Steelman says it is his hope that people will turn to a higher power to help them cope with this tragedy. He says faith has to play a key role here, just as it did for Ashlynn.

“As we can run to her testimony and we can think about was Jesus did for her we can trust as Christians that right now she’s in Heaven and we can look to that and see like you know what she’s probably up in Heaven right now and even though she is not with us she’s doing just fine,” said Matt Steelman, Aiken Campus Pastor.

Pastor Steelman says being transparent about your feelings wont solve everything, but it will help you get through your grieving process.

“And so i’d encourage everybody who is holding it in find someone that you love and trust, but more importantly who loves you and love the Lord and trusts you and just pour your heart out to them and let them speak life into you,” said Matt Steelman, Aiken Campus Pastor.

Ashlynn Overton’s vigil will be held Thursday at 10:30pm at Sole in downtown Augusta, where she previously worked.

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